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Dear Friend,

At a time when the pressures of the modern family are complicated by the pressures of the modern world, we often struggle to find a healthy balance between career, family, and relationships. But even in the midst of all the hustle and busyness, you can find fulfillment and achieve happiness — you can Love Your Life!

When most people reach the twilight of their lives, they will tell you life is not about having a bigger house or a better job, or about the car you drive or the clothes you wear. They will tell you life is all about investing in yourself and your relationships with other people. How many times have we heard people say with regret, “If only I would have taken better care of myself...if only I would have spent more time with my family and the people I love?”

That doesn’t have to be you. Loving your life is being willing to make changes, to let go of old ways and unhealthy habits so that you can be the best you can be. It’s about having the right perspective and understanding the value of who you are and what you have. It’s learning to love others and learning to love yourself so that you can get more out of your relationships. It’s about recognizing the gifts that God has given you and making the most of those gifts.

Ultimately, loving your life is about discovering the greatness that’s inside of you and the influence you have on the world around you. You will be amazed at the impact you will have when you tap into those treasures within.

No matter where you are today, you have the potential to have better relationships, to increase in confidence, to overcome obstacles, and to celebrate the life God has given you. Be encouraged today because there is so much more in you that is waiting to be discovered. There are new options for your future, and opportunities to be recovered.

Now is the time to leave the past behind and make room to embrace the destiny that lies ahead for you. Take the first step today and see your life with a fresh new perspective. See beyond where you are right now and begin to Love Your Life in ways you never thought possible!

Believing God’s Best,
Victoria Osteen
Victoria Osteen

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